Compline Prayer


Compline prayer on Wednesday is part of our rhythm of prayer at Apprenticeship to Jesus. Compline, meaning “completion,” is intended to be the last thing done in the day, and to emphasize spiritual peace. We engage in this prayer tradition as a means to connect with the historical church, and help guide us to pray in a holistic and unified way. This is, however, the one “corporate” prayer time that we do not all gather in one location. Join us each Wednesday evening, before bed in your own home, with those you live with.

There are 4 simple compline templates we have composed. One for each week of the month, that are rotated. The specific scripture and creed used will be given in the weekly email. If there is a 5th Wednesday in the month we encourage you still, to join us in this Wednesday evening rhythm in a more freeform manner of prayer, with an emphasis on lifting up those within the community.


Conducting compline prayer is very simple.

1. Just click on links below, save the pdfs to your computer, and then you can print/Kindle/iPad……Reuse.

2. One person “leads” and reads all non-bolded words and prayers.

3. Bold words are to be prayed together in unison, and italics are unread directions.

4. Reference the “Creeds” document below, if you need to recite any creeds during the prayer.

5. Use the Bible for reciting the Psalms and the Lord’s Prayer/”Our Father” (Matt 6:9-13).



Compline (Week 1)

Compline (Week 2)

Compline (Week 3)

Compline (Week 4)



If you need assistance, or have any questions, please let us know via email at